Monday, February 6, 2012

Virtual Worlds

Dear Mr. Joe Sanchez,

We have definitely come a long way with the technological advancements made to help make improvements to the virtual worlds that millions of people live in today. There is a large demographic of gamers who dedicate their lives to living in virtual worlds and even making money in these environments to support their lifestyle.  This article was very interesting for someone like me, who plays very little virtual games to learn about the history of virtual worlds.  The most intriguing stage in the history of social worlds, is Multi-User Dungeons.  It is really hard for me to imagine enjoying playing a text-based world with only set goals.  Not only would this game not be fun for me without any graphics, it would have a hard time keeping my interest without having the ability to communicate with others like we would in reality.  I find it really interesting that people could find playing a game with only text while attempting to accomplish mundane tasks.  By time I reached the end of the article, I was a little disappointed that the game The Sims was not included. Though this may be a different type of virtual game compared to the ones mentioned that I am unaware of, it seems as though it would fit in being that it is similar to Second Life.  The Sims is the only game besides Second Life that I have ever played, that I have found to be very addicting.  Living in these virtual worlds takes you away from reality for a few hours and lets you enjoy living life through the eyes of someone else.  Gaming has become a profitable and an extremely popular activity.  Without the advancements of technology it would be impossible for games like Second Life to be in existence.
Kelly Myers

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