Friday, February 17, 2012

Will the hacking ever end?

Dear Riva Richmond and Nick Bilton,

Although this article is quick and to the point, it makes us aware of the existing hackers that are out there and the potential hackers that could be forming and planning attacks as we speak.  This article does not seem to be too convinced that the Lulz will actually disband.  And to tell you the truth, I completely agree.  If there is one thing I have learned with the SOPA and PIPA controversies and also with this article is that there are people out there who are always going to figure out and decipher ways to hack into systems or figure out system codes and passwords.  The running and growing abilities to protect from these hackers is definitely increasing, but there is still a very large chance that it will not stop all hacker groups that have been created/are being created now.  What is important is the quote at the end of the article in which the author states, "But publicly, LulzSec insisted that 50 days of online pandemonium had come to an end, its members would continue attacks on governments and corporations, either as part of a different group or acting individually."  This goes to show us that even if some groups are shut down or caught, there will still be others forming more groups or working individually to hack into systems to gain information. 

To take a break from the article,this clip shows how hackers are not only hacking into computer systems but now finding ways in which they can get into cellphones.  Cell phones are such huge parts of our lives where we hold very personal information.  We online shop on our phones, we access our bank accounts on our cellphones.  Here is a video that shows the downsides of giving out this information on your private phone.

To continue with the article, the twitter accounts that are made up for LulzSec that you mentioned in your article show that the group is smart and is willing to play a little game with their audience.  They are saying they are going to disband their group, however, then they are tweeting that they are going to continue attacking governments and financial institutions.  If I can find a relation here it'd be that they are messing with our brains just as much as they are messing with the government's systems.  There is no way these hackers can be trusted whether they are saying they are going to disband their groups or not.  No matter what, unless they are caught, I believe they will find other forms of hiding out and continuing their habits. 

It is good to see that there are voluntary programs like the one initated by the Department of Homeland Security to eliminate online programming errors that allow "hackers to easily infiltrate databases and steal user names and passwords."  I think that more people will take the time to look into these programs so that they can protect their systems from outside hackers.  It is important that we do our best to keep these hackers at a disadvantage and if it means having to learn or adopt certain voluntary programs, then so be it.  Like I said earlier, I do not think that hackers are going away completely any time soon -- even if there are laws passed - because people still find a way around these types of things.  Yet, I think that if we take the time to try and protect our systems the best we can we can diminish and force hackers away in small doses. 

Thank you,
Loralyn Sortino

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