Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear Andrew Mendelson & Ziz Papachariss,

Your concepts of online/offline identities on Social Network Sites(SNSs) is something that I believe to be very true. As you both expressed in your articles many individuals use us SNSs as an opportunity to build this identity of their "perceived self". By perceived self, I am referring to the light in which the decide to be viewed in. This is established by the information shared. Ultimately, that person  is in complete control of how the outside world perceives them. They control what information is shared and not shared. That doesn't just include a persons basic information like birthday, current school, employer, etc. Recent activity like blog posts, interactions, pictures, etc. also have a big influence on an individuals perceived self.As in Mass media, as seen with celebrities, everyday individuals are selective when editing and selecting pictures to represent themselves. The reasoning comes back to this idea of the perceived self. By editing and enhancing images, you see only what the individual wants you to see. So instead of a my natural wrinkles and pimples, you'll see a smoother more glowing me; because I want to be perceived as health and attractive. You can see the affects of modern alteration to pictures in the picture attached below. Usage of programs like Photoshop is more common than not.
You guys made another interesting point, when noting the fact that individuals perceives self can change depending on their target audience. Many of times you will find that professionals will have multiple SNS accounts. One for professional networking, and another for their social private lives. The information, especial pictures and videos, shared will always be dramatically different. No professional really wants their employer to see pictures form last weekends crazy weekend.