Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's your fault you look like a fool on Facebook

Dear Mendelson and Parpacharissi,

I have read your article and you bring up a valid point stating that they photos people post on Facebook are a reflection of what we WANT people to see. On Facebook everyone has the option to choose how they want to be portrayed and how they want to be viewed amongst others. There's a saying that I say all the time and it is "People only know as much as you tell them." When it comes to Facebook people will only view you how you let them view you; if you don't want to be perceived like a party animal, don't put partying pictures up. With the increase in employers and self development on social media sites the lack of formality should begin to decrease, however it isn't. Facebook has changed tremendolously since I first got mine in my senior year of high school. Now people as young as middle schoolers have Facebook, no one uses their real names and Facebook is full of spam and ridiculous advertisements. Facebook is starting to look like the new MySpace. I guess the problem that people face is once the masses being to use it and take over, there's no control over what they do. To go back to my beginning argument Facebook isn't the cause of how we are viewed, we are. Facebook has settings that can be adjusted on an individual, personal level. I think our society is so used to putting the blame on someone else and not taking full responsibility that we're used to pointing the finger not realizing there's three more pointing back at us.

Yours Truly
Ayesha Go.

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