Monday, February 20, 2012

Anonymous: Expect Us

Dear Riva Richmond and Nick Bilton,
I find your article very intriguing since it is not based on any one person's own opinion, but evidences and facts that have already been in motion for a while. It is actually very exciting to read about how groups of people such as "Anonymous" hacks their way into changing the world by just sitting in front of their computer screens. This article really gave an impression that although our government officials are protecting our online privacy, there are people out in the world that have the ability to fight against those who are protecting the citizens just by clicking on a few buttons. From the article, the official stated: "All it takes is one guy in his basement to do this, not an organized group" (Richmond 2011). This statement really jumped out at me because at the thought of a person being powerful enough to intrude into any person's private information is very disturbing, but a group of those hackers can accomplish some world altering revolution. Although it is a relief to read onward about the downfall of the "LulzSec" group, people will ultimately not be able to fully trust the internet and the government again. Although from the article "Anonymous: From the Lulz to Collective Action" by Gabriella Coleman stated that Anonymous is described as "Cyber-lynch mobs that are organized via the Internet, who share the common meme of 'Anonymous', where a few people say 'hey let's do this', and those of like mind go do it" (Coleman 2011). While this might have made Anonymous seem like some bored hackers leading a bunch of followers, we all know the danger an angry mob can create, no matter if it is in real life or the cyber world.

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