Monday, February 6, 2012

What about Online Gaming beyond WoW???

Dear Joe Sanchez,

I enjoyed reading your excerpt “A Social History of Virtual World.” I think that you provided great information and lots of information that I personally did not know and that is why I largely enjoyed reading it. Seeing the real transition of gaming and social worlds, was really interesting because I always knew that the history was much deeper than I personally knew.

My thing that I wish that you went in depth with was the effect that online gaming has had on these worlds. Obviously you touched on it a little bit when taking about the World of Warcraft but I think that games like Madden and Call of Duty has had the same effect but differently and in a much bigger way. Yes, these games are not at all like the World of Warcraft but I’m almost certain that they also have their place in history and in some way have transcended both the gaming and social worlds.

Nowadays these games are expected to not only have great singular game play but also have great online play because people like interacting with people from faraway places and not having to just play with people that are in the physically around. People like talking and communicating with people and even building relationships over these types of games. I know that I personally have friends on these games that I have never met and probably will never see much like people do on Second Life and the World of Warcraft.

It just would have been nice to hear you go into depth about this end of gaming and social worlds simply because they are intertwined even more with these more popular games. Otherwise, great read.


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