Monday, February 13, 2012

Upload Only The Best

Dear Mendelson and Papacharissi,

I thought your article on narcissim through social networking was an interesting read. It made me think about the way I personally use social networking sites. I do agree that Social Networking sites are a collection of pictures and links that are meant to represent the users personality. With that being said, everyone wants to highlight parts of their personality that they think will make them seem as interesting as possible when using social networks.  

"In everyday life, people consciously and unconsciously work to define the way they are perceived, hoping to engender positive impressions of themselves" (p.252). After you take a picture you look at it then decide if it is good or not. No one will upload a photo that they think shows them in a negative light. Also people pose certain ways to show off their best features. Or sometimes people will highlight one half of their body, their "good side." The way you are represented on a social networking site is your face to those who don't see you everyday. 

Item's on social networking sites are meant to show the good things about a person. It could range from fashion sense, music taste, relationships, or affiliation. All of which is aimed at retrieving a positive outlook from others. Those who know people offline will know the real person in the profile picture but for those who only know the social network it is the face of who a person is.

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