Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it worth it?

Dear Julian Dibbell, My question is what is your actual issue with Scientology? Your article discussed the attack against Scientology but never really gave the explanation. I know you said the supposed abuse and corruption but gave no actual details. I am no fan of Scientology but everyone should be able to make their own choices for what they want to believe in, in al honestly there's no proof for any religion so who is to say one is better than the other? However if Project Chanology want to protest they also have that right.  I think they started to actually make a difference when they became smarter about organizing, making non violent protests and attending committee hearings. No one wants to back a group with no identity. I also give them more respect when they opened the site, Why We Protest.  In my opinion it gave the group a more professional outlook.  I have no problem with doing Lulz or online jokes, but I was not a fan of agent pubet's attack.  That is just cruel.  In what way are proving a point against an organization when you yourself are willing to be covered in pubic hairs and toe nails? That is so vile and disgusting.  And you know who has to clean it up? The janitorial staff. I don’t enjoy crude pranks. I do understand that that attack was more against Anonymous and trying to make them remember where they came from but it was still unnecessary in my eyes.  

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