Monday, February 20, 2012


Dear Ms. Coleman,

I’m always interested in reading about Anonymous due to their mysterious nature and it always seems to be challenging to get a clear grasp of what they are exactly. From what I understand, these groups of people who found each other in various ways work towards a common goal, but have no consistent central leadership. People that are good enough to do a lot of the things Anonymous is blamed for are good enough to hide any trace of their communication as well.
I think some people see Anonymous as a group of people that are meme-happy, support freedom, is generally liberal, and sees the internet as a place where people can truly be who they are while also enjoying their interests and meeting other people like them. There are also lots of people who claim to be part of 'Anonymous' who have no idea what they are talking about.
I have read in the past that they are the modern equivalent to Robin Hood, trying to do good for society as a whole. However, due to anyone allowed entry into Anonymous, it creates a separation of motives, sometimes doing things that are looked upon as wrong. In my opinion, they are doing more “good” than the other group LulzSec as it seems their motives have more to do with amusing themselves leaving signatures where they have been with “for the lulz.” No matter what the group though, I think it is encouraging to see protesting thrive in this new digital age and have such an impact on the real world e.g. the protestors wearing Guy Fawks at Occupy movements. 

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