Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Smart Choices

Dear Ms. Baym and Ms. Markham,

Reading this article was much more difficult and a little bit hard to understand.  This was personally not my favorite article that I have read this semester, however, it did give me some insight about researching the internet and the factors that go into conducting a study like this.  The internet has become such a monumental turning point in not only technology but they way that we all live.  Life would be hard to imagine without the internet being that we have become so dependent on its abilities.  The most interesting part of the article is when you were both describing the contents of each chapter in the book.
The first chapter is interesting in that it evaluates the boundaries of research projects.  What are the limits?  How far can a researcher go?  These are questions that I wondered when it comes to scientific research.  The second chapter is something that resonates with all internet users; communication.  I think a lot of people can benefit from learning about how to balance both face to face communication and through technology.  The last chapter that I find interesting is the fourth chapter where gender and sexuality are evaluated as influences in online discussions.  Being that I am someone who is interested in gender and sexual influences on everyday life I would find this chapter intriguing since these topics can sometimes be taboo.  You both said that the book "is, rather, an exploration and explanation of vantage points, a project meant to stimulate thinking."  It is always great to stimulate the minds of people and initiate conversations and debates. 

Kelly Myers

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