Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And then I deleted Facebook

Dear Mendelson and big papa,

You spoke of how photos within social network sites encapsulate how we wish to be remember hence why we delete what we don't like or choose to only allow those who are close to view them.  This is a huge factor in personal photography within social networking sites.  I realize that I do the same thing, but had never thought of it in that specific context.  Emphasizing times throughout your life is a huge social factor that helps users define these frameworks of how to be remembered.  You can see that facebook just released their timeline features which helps to concatenate portions of your life through photos, giving you not only a sense of when and where an event happened, but to help create an easier way to portray how your life is to be remembered.  Instead of scattering these ideals, you can convey your life in an even more tuned way.  You also spoke of the inception of an event within an event.  It becomes a right of passage for most to give another the opportunity to records portions of their life, and then edit them the way you want to show to others who are less intimate with you.  The way people hold cameras depict a more real sense to the photos because it causes, as quoted, "emphasizing the normalness of the viewpoint".  Normalness is a cultural value in which people abide to to feel as if they are not conveyed, as one could say, not normal based upon cultural standards.  I felt one thing that is really important to these documented photos of ones self online is that of the feedback that ones receive.  These ego boosting comments on photos is a huge factor in how ones maintains a specific way we would want to be remembered.  It keeps us in check so that we can maintain the way we want to be conveyed to others.  I enjoyed the point of when you spoke about how aesthetics affect how photos are taken.  The way users use distance to convey people or areas to show as proof to others of being there or to group people together.  Overall, you made some valid points to structure the way people view photos online and help convey their personalities online.  I can look at myself as an example, and understand, in my own sense, of why I took photos I have done and really check photos of my past.  By doing this, I can try to break down and attempt to capture the real reason why I took them the way I did.

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