Monday, February 6, 2012

J. Sanchez

Dear Mr. Sanchez,

After reading your article "A Social History of Virtual Worlds" I agreed with your concept on how online gaming has evolved over the years. I think it was interesting to show the background and development of how these games have evolved over time. I am a new user to Second Life and I know a little bit about WOW. I think that it is important to point out, like you did, that there is a huge difference in the social interactions in these games. Second life definitely doesn't follow a game-like aspect, it's main focus is to socially interact with other users. WOW, based on what you wrote, is about gaming and reaching goals through each battle or interaction.

I think however, that other than statistics you should have incorporated more facts or examples of real world people who use these games. It is easier to understand how these games work, if a gamer is interviewed and their perspective on these games is explored. At the end of your article you say, "In this co-evolution, players of virtual worlds became residents of virtual worlds, and what were once fantasy worlds over time became mirrored worlds worlds complete with social and financial dynamics that seeped out from cyberspace into real space. Second Life is a prime example of the co-evolution of virtual world
technology and user experiences." (p. 12). I think that is is critical, and it would be a lot easier to support if you had a quote from an actual gamer, whose life revolves around playing these games. You could even explore how these games effect the lives of users, and introduce readers to the life of gaming. By giving readers insight to actual people it would be easier to relate and understand this way of life for some people.


Nicole Lengyel

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