Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Sanchez,

I never really got the opportunity to explore the history of virtual worlds. Since my generation is so use to these type of source of entertainment , we rarely take a moment to look back at its history. The growth and development of these types of games is actualy very amazing. The orginal virtual worldw where alll text-based. I personally never even thought to look back t the origins of vitural worlds. I think it just might be my personal lack of involvement in this type of virtual entertainment. I am familiar with secondlife as well as world of warcraft. However,moutside jof kthisnclass never plaiyed. Regardless off the level of realism in the gaming, you will continuely find individuals who take it too serious. The reason I say too serious is because virtual worlds like "second life" truly becomesa second life for them. Individual become consumed with what is happening in these virtual worlds. As youmexprssedin your articles a very large development is the 3-D Ivisual elements to virtual worlds. These more recent developments in gaming virtual graphics are what makes the experience so realistic.

It seems that you Are trying to convince the readers that the virtual worlds, as we know them now , will continue to grow and develop. This is something. RL,t see happening in this gaming industry. The graphics and niter actions with the game and actual players will continue to get more realistic.

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