Monday, February 27, 2012

World of WorkCraft?

Dear Robert Bloomfield,
                Upon reading your article "Virtual World for Studying Real-World Business," it is fairly interesting that your idea of bring the business from the real world into a virtual world such as Second Life. Of course, your goal has already been accomplished. Second Life has been used for business related interactions ever since you wrote this article five years ago. I also want to point out that when you stated that "serious games are excellent devices for the study of business, in both uses of the term 'study.'" (Bloomfield 2007). It is exciting to read about your envision of the future, that video games that provides a virtual world will become a medium for people to do business, even though most serious games such as World Of Warcraft still take entertainment as priority. It is true, in my mind at least, that serious games have developed quite nicely, in the sense of creating an economics education gesture while playing them. Although mostly associated with entertainment, World of Warcraft also contain a series of interactive aspects that can associate to the real world. The auction house, trading and questing can all be seen as training for reality. While auction house and trading can be used as business transactions between clients, questing can train oneself into completing his/her objectives. Although virtual worlds have a few elements on life that users can learn from, it is ultimately not a "reality" for people to have their life base on. While learning from video games can be more entertaining than having to learn it in real life, issues in virtual worlds can be erased in seconds while the physical world's problems are here to stay.

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