Monday, February 20, 2012


Dear Riva and Nick,

I liked your report on the dismantling of Lulzsec.I think that your article brings to light one very important thing, the fear of goverment and other organizations that have been attacked by them. They recognize that the Lulz are so strong that "if they ever do get arrested...nothing will slow down." Because they are a huge group of unknown individuals that constantly recruit through on-line sources they mjus be pretty hard to dismantle, so it is interesting that they are dismantling themselves.

I must admit that this is probably one of the most confusing topics that I have read about in this class simply because there is barely a distinction between the anonymous and the Lulz.

Upon reading "The assclown offensive:how to enrage the church of Scientology," it helped to make more of a distinction. The article explained that anonymous began project chanology  which was basically to tear down the church of scientology. It also further explained trolling "to post a deliberately incendiary content to a discussion forum or other online community - say, kitten - torture fantasies on a message board for cat lovers." To me this is truly a waste of time, these people stir up trouble in other people's lives because they have nothing else to do. I think it is wrong that they tell people how to think and what to believe in, who teh hell cares about the church of scientology, let them be.

I believe the people that make of part of the Lulsec are mostly a waste of time. I find the fact that their main purpose is to cause chaos just for a few laughs nothing less than disgusting.They have gone as far waking old people up in the middle of the night with death threat calls.

Because they realized that their prank calls were not going to take down the church they decided to have a RL protest.To me this is probably worst think of all. "It's the hive mind at work. A new idea or call to acion can come from anyone but is betted by everyone...if it's good it sticks." All of this brain and people power could be used to truly change the world. We could really fight for injustece and against hunger, but no they are are too busy fighting scientology. 

The power that they have is immense and they themselves know it. "Anonymous memebers are the assholes of the internet and should play that up because ultimately the movement survives on attention - from the media, from potential recruits - and only one thing is sure to keep the attention coming: Anonymous' willingness to undertake any sort of motherfuckery."

Surprisingly enough, as the artciel "Anonymous:from he lulz to collective action", explains my sentiments are correct, this "hive mentality" can get together for a good cause. In February of 2011 they initiated "Op Tunisia...after the government blocked Wikileaks from the Internet and they continued to offer aid as street protests more strongly swept the country. In keeping with tradition, they DDoSed government and tourist websites, but also funneled videos of the street violence out of Tunisia and created packets for Tunisian cyber-activists and protesters providing information for evading governmental surveillance." They pushed people to go out and fight against their government but also warned them to keep safe. This is a nice change from all the "motherfuckery" they previously engaged in, but they also did it because it involved controversy, otherwise they wouldn't have been interested.

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