Monday, February 27, 2012

Virtual Worlds

Dear Tom Boellstorff,

I thought your article on researching virtual worlds and studying them was actually kind of fascinating. It was interesting to learn a lot of different things about virtual worlds that I might have never noticed, even while playing second life for this class. One thing I found most interesting was the interaction between the three characters, Laura, Kimmy, and Betty Anne. The article mentions how the three of them view their entering into a virtual world as a "birth", even going to go so far as to say "we're all born like that." I think its interesting to find out that there are people out there who view their emergence into a virtual world to be like a second (or sometimes first) birth. I can definitely understand some of the symbolism that goes along with this as well. Considering the fact that many of these players are completely immersed in their virtual worlds, it is not too much of a shocker to see that they consider this their birth. Because people transfer their real life identities onto their second life avatars, it really does make sense for these hardcore gamers to consider this a birth. Because this concept made me think so much and become I'm now playing second life as a requirement of this class, I found the article interesting and engaging. 

                                                                          Kevin Lanza

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