Monday, February 20, 2012

Hack City

Dear Richmond and Bilton,
It is no question that the hacking will never end. Just because hacker groups are being stopped doesn't mean another one will start. As the quote goes, "when one life ends, another one begins." Well, when one hacker group comes to an end, another one comes to a start. As soon as technology was born, hacking was born. And until technology dies, hacking will die with it-which I don't see very likely to happen. Hackers are always one step ahead, so no matter what technology is created to keep them out, they will find a way in. If you've ever watched the TV show Revenge and met the character Nolan, you would know what I mean. This character is a young, billionaire, with the technology and intelligence to hack any system. Even though this is just a TV show, it is very common in reality. As I said, hackers are always one step ahead and can hack their way into any system.
What confuses me about your article is what is the motive of these hackers? Is it financial gain or to release the immoral ways and motives of the companies that are being hacked? To me there are two types of hackers: hackers that hack with bad intentions and hackers hack with good intentions. Of course hackers that do it with bad intentions are out for financial gain, identity theft, etc. etc. Hackers that do it with good intentions usually do it to expose someone or a company that is doing wrong. Of course hacking is not the correct way to go about it, but it is done with good intentions. The government and Fortune 500 companies are extremely corrupt and immoral. And if hackers are doing immoral things, such as hacking, to expose these evils for the good of the the people I don't see much wrong with that. Hacking for good is definitely a lot better than hacking for bad. So what was the goal of LulzSec and Anonymous? To expose corruption within the CIA, US Senate, the Church of Scientology, and Sony? Or for financial gain and other wrong reasons?

Yours Truly,
Taylor Palehonki

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