Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Second Life and World of Warcraft is for CREEPERS!

Dear Mr. Brainbridge,
I've read your article and I have a few concerns. You make statements that seem to be in favor of these softwares and virtual worlds, making it seem as though they are positive and encourage interactivity amongst people, however how much can you fully interact with someone with a controller/mouse in one hand and a screen blocking you for the other person. You also state SL as means to promote scientific research, but who's to say this is real, credible research. People can pretend to be whomever they want in these virtual worlds, which can have harmful implications when concerning scientific work and studies. In your article you state that scripting and graphic tools allow anyone to build a virtual laboratory,thus anyone can be portrayed as a specific character when in reality they're not. Another reason why these virtual worlds cannot be taken too seriously is because people can change their thoughts, morals, goals, ideologies, etc. These virtual worlds lack restrictions and boundaries, which can be both positive and negative depending on what the situation is. Personality, behavior and morality changes would be null because they aren't real characteristics of the person behind the avatar. Because people can have multiple avatars in these virtual worlds, interviewing different characters under/controlled by the same person would result in the same answers. This will interfere with the study causing discrepancies within case studies. Another reason why these virtual worlds cannot be taken too seriously is because you won't see people's initial reactions. Because these virtual worlds lack face-to-face interactions, people's responses aren't always (well probably won't always be) their first initial reaction. Lack of face-to-face interactions enables people to fully digest and think things through or change their responses to what they think people might want to hear. At the end of your article you state the "graduates" of SL and WoW may include future engineers, natural scientis, and social scientist ready to remake the real world in the image of the virtual worlds, but aren't virtual worlds created in light of real worlds?
Ayesha Gougouehi

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