Monday, February 6, 2012

No Man Is A Second Life Island

Dear Mr. Sanchez,

In your article, you talk about how the more games become interactive, societies are built within these games. I agree completely and there is enough reasoning why so many people are drawn to play these games. Second Life, for example, essentially allows anyone to create whatever they want. Secondly, there is an established economy system allowing for players to pay for content. People can make a profit by selling these items, but I think it's a common misconception that all the items cost something. If you look in the right places, most items in the game are free and are just made by people who get joy out of crafting the items.
I agree with you in the sense that Second Life is not a "game." There are no objectives at all, unless you consider exploring the possibilities of user generated content in this world. Second Life is more of an enhanced chat room. It is a social network mixed with an instant messaging system so people can show off their creations and get some sort of response, possibly money as well, from others. It capitalizes on a term used by gamers called the "virtual sandbox." World of Warcraft is more goal oriented with leveling systems and quests to complete to better your character. The world to explore in that game is already created and it is more focused on personal change, where on Second Life the focus is on what can be created and how many people will see it.
- Kyle

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