Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Online Identities

 Dear Malcolm Parks & Kory Floyd,

Online Identities are a new form of creating new personalities in this world of new media. Some people use these identities to voice out political opinion with the power of anonymity of the Internet. While some others may use it as a way of cyber bullying other in secret so they will not face the wrath of authorities and their victims. One of the other types of people who create online identities are those who use it not to hide themselves but use these new social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and all the others to help promote themselves on the new medias. Entertainers and celebrities are especially in need of this service in order to get their image out to more area of their fan’s lives. Though in their case they have a unique problem of their own that it comes with.   

Check out this article about Google,Suddenly, Google Is Winning the Online Identity Race

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