Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dissolution of Hackers, MUST GO!

Dear Riva Richmond and Nick Bilton,

In response to your article and what I think I got from Dissolution of Hacker Group Might Not End Attacks, is that these leaders such as Ryan Clearly, whom is associated with LulzSec are terrible.  I do not see any rights or fairness in what they are doing to other business/websites whatever they are hacking in.  Would you agree that with remaining anonymous is unfair?  In virtual worlds, yes we can change our true identities, and become someone else, but what happens when things like this happen?  How are we to find out who these activist/hackers are?  It is kind of scary personally.  Being able to get top-secret government information, or personal documents, law documents especially is just flat out unjustifiable wrong.  

In the article you make a strong effort to display that even though these groups say they will “disband,” will they really, and if they do, for how long?  Even security experts said that the dissolution of the group might not signal an end to the attacks, which have ultimately hit dozens of Web sites, including Central Intelligence Agency, the United States Senate, the Arizona state police and Sony.  What if anything is possible to make them stop?   I think that we need to advance our security industries.  We need to fix security vulnerabilities.  I do not see their justifications on why they have to invade and hack into other peoples web sites. I think that if anyone does it should be for security and for the safety of our countries and our fellow Americans.

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