Monday, February 20, 2012

Scien whaaaa???

Dear Mr. Dibbell,

Your article titled The Assclown Offensive: How to Enrage the Church of Scientology,” opened my eyes to Scientology that I had no clue about. It is an interesting discussion topic out there and it is very obvious why it is such controversial issue given that they call it a religion. People have always been so sensitive when the topic of religion and for someone to come up with their own out of nowhere sounds absurd. But they funny thing is that how literally every religion was started for the most part by someone coming up with it. But that is another topic for another day. I’m just glad that in reading this article I was exposed to this whole scientology thing.

As for people trying to enrage the church of scientology, I think people really should ease off them simply because if it was your own religion that you where trying to protect and didn’t want all this propaganda out there about it you would want it taken down also. All they are doing is trying to protect their movement. It is as simple as that. Whether people agree with it or not, I think that is what should be done but of course in this day and age that is far from what is going to happen.

I understand why people would want to enrage them simply because what they are doing is enraging people so they are trying to do it right back to them. But the funny thing is that the scientologist are beating them at what they want to do to them because the sole reason for people wanting to enrage them is because they are getting enrage by them. It’s very interesting though, Great Article!

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