Monday, February 20, 2012

Hacked: The Good That Comes From Hacking

Dear Richmond and Bilton,

After reading your article, it's obvious that hacking is not going away anytime soon. As our society becomes more and more technological, it is more likely to grow than slow down. This being said, are their any advantages to society that come from hackers?

I'm not talking about groups like Anonymous or others responsible for things like WikiLeaks, but the hackers that can show important government and protection agencies the weaknesses in their own systems. If these weaknesses are not pointed out, people could hack into their systems for their own selfish or criminal reasons.

I'm not saying that recreational hacking should be encouraged, but if it was monitored and used right, it could definitely be beneficial to people in general. I would be curious to see if this would have any kind of negative consequences .

Joseph Guagenti

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