Monday, February 20, 2012


Dear Richmond and Bilton,

Your article on hackers, LulzSec, and internet security in general was interesting. Yes, LulzSec has disbanded and the core group of hackers involved in this team have moved on. But the thing you touched upon but failed to go into detail about was the headless leadership that arises in a hacking community, or any anonymous community for that matter. When there is no one person to stand up and say "this is what we should or shouldn't do", people take it on themselves to go out there and form these communities. The concept of having a headless leader is that it is impossible to kill off the entire group because they are not bound to one single person, they are bound to a single idea. In this case, hackers will simply move on to find the next big thing to tackle, and a group similar to Lulzsec will emerge to take over, using the same techniques and methods that they did.

However, I found it interesting that your article talked about the anti hacking group of hackers, who work for government and private business to stop hackers by counter hacking. I also liked how you talked about these group's efforts to stop malicious hackers. Despite this, as you mentioned in the article, unless hackers are actually arrested, nothing will slow them down, and I liked that you added that surreal bit of truth to the article that shows just how resilient hackers really are.

                                                                                  Kevin Lanza

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