Friday, February 10, 2012

Just trying to fit in

Dear Mendelson and Papachariss,

Your article truly speaks the truth about the culture of any Social Networking Sites (SNSs). We all tend to post up pictures that we think we look "good", or presentable in. However, we will quickly "untag" ourselves from pictures that other users tag us in. You said that this chapter is going to be about "the use of photo galleries as an instrument of self presentation and a means of visual autobiography online" and you examined so many different points. A point you made was that people make an effort to emphasize on qualities or traits that are looked up to rather than the qualities or traits that are considered flaw. It is sad that as a society, majority of us will do whatever it takes to feel accepted in the society. We would stay up to date with the different styles presented all over the media or the mannequins in the store. We would upload plenty of pictures online that we think make us look "flawless." Then we would wait to see how many "likes" or comments we received on that photo. Quoting from your chapter, you said "People use SNSs to present aspects of themselves to their network. These expressions can simultaneously express uniqueness and connection to others. These sites are about establishing, presenting, and negotiating identity, through the tastes and interests express." I agree with every word of that statement. We could have a picture of ourselves in a beautiful scenery and people would think we are into photography, or we can have a picture of ourselves holding a red SOLO cup and people will get the impression that we like to party. What we really upload and make as our default is really how we want others to see us as. It's sad to think of that as the truth, but it's reality. We want to feel accepted and will try to take pictures identical to someone else that we see on Facebook. Or other times, we will go "Facebook Stalking" and point out the flaws of others and think "why would they even think about putting up a picture like that? do they really think they look that good?" It's very blunt of me to say that, but I know people who judges people off their pictures and I think it is really pathetic and sad.

Take care,


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