Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Social Networking Takeover
(week 2)

Dear Stephanie Rosenbloom,

With so many social media and networking websites on the internet today, it is very difficult to keep up. Like Ms. Lawrence, I am completely overwhelmed with technology, but understand the importance of these social networking sites. Now, these social networks are important for employers, when before they were only important for connecting with friends. Social networks have gone from being something that people simply like to use, to being necessary.

It all started with MySpace. The website became popular when I was in middle school, and caused a lot of problems with parents and teachers. They thought that the site was dangerous and revealed too much information about their young children. I never would have guessed that four years later, these parents and teachers would be advocates for the advantages of Facebook. To me, Facebook was a seemingly “safer” version of MySpace, but as time went on, the users of Facebook go so large that if you did not have one, you didn’t know what was going on with your friends or family.


Before last week, I had a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Like Ms. Lawrence, I decided that this was too much social networks for me to handle. Although I still have a LinkedIn, I have not been using it. I have also deactivated my Facebook, so I now I am only using Twitter for social networking. It has been a little over a week and I already feel that I am missing out on information. Friends will ask, “Did you see that on Facebook?”, and I have to ask them what it is otherwise I can’t understand the conversation. Although, I am updated constantly on one social network, I am completely cut off from the other. This makes me realize how important all social networks have become to my everyday life. In conclusion, even though I am overwhelmed with different social networks, I still want to be present on them, otherwise I feel disconnected.

Chelsey Berger

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