Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Nancy Baym,

After reading over your first and second chapter, I wanted to reach out ton you and express my feelings and opinion on the concepts discussed. One concept that stood out to me the most was this notion of Technilogical Determisnism. The idea idea behind it, is that technology will ultimate determin the outcome of a particular society. Other it be good or bad. This idea that the machines that we made, and believe to be in control of, are actually controlling us. You site great examples, such as the usage of google. Something that I infant use my self , is a prime example on how technology is directly influencing our outcome as a society. Our dependence on instant gratification for information , results, feedback, etc., has truly changed the way our society operates. We are so use to getting sharp condensed information with in 160 characters , that we loose the capability to really focus on a particular reading for a long period of time. This is something that I have personally experienced and can contest to the reality of this. The reason I agree with your overall argument regarding this topic, is because in see the more technology becomes convient them more we become depended on it . As this dependence on technology grows, we lose the ability to interact and survive with out it. How can are youth really have an infotech face to face conversation , when the majority of their interactions is 160 character text messages. A good example of this change due to convient technology, is the apparent preference to communicate via text message over over the phone. Instead of calling , we unusually send a convient short text message to our peers.

Anthony G.

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