Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Ms Turkle,
            After reading this article, I felt more strongly on how crazy it is that kids have and use so much technology a day when back in the day our parents witnessed the first color tv, or brief-case sized cell phone.  That would just not be okay in today’s society filled with quickly advancing technology, could you imagine leaving the house without your cell phone? I could get ten minutes away, but I would still turn around and drive back to my house to grab it, it’s just how we are today! Everything revolves around our smartphones/ iphones/ blackberries! Some ask “Why?” and others answer “Why not?!” If you can do everything from the touch of a button, or get to any webpage from your iphone/ get any task done on your smartphone, why wouldn’t you use it? Especially with things like Siri for the iphone that can help you with basically anything just by asking a question, why would you not use a smartphone and keep it with you at all times?
            However, smartphones are one thing, but robots are in a whole different ballpark.  Smartphones are just a device that help you get things done/ communicate while you are on the go, but robot spouses are I think CROSISNG THE LINE! For example, Siri and the iPhone, it’s just an app that helps answer your questions, but a robot husband or wife is just weird and wrong.  You can’t merely replace human interactions and connections with a robot because they wouldn’t be able to feel emotions or make/understand jokes or engage in real interactions that would create bonds.  I think people should stick with human husbands/wives and robots should just be used as technology, not a spouse.
Gabby Theroux

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