Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dear social gaming people,

It seems that within this article about online virtual gaming including MMO such as World of warcraft and second life.  The article spoke about a basic history of where social gaming came from since the beginning of MMO MUD games to what we have today such as second life and World of warcraft.  The author studies the humble beginnings of MMO's when they were just text based to today's 3D based games. It seems the idea that the author was trying to convey was the point of how these games are becoming so dynamic, they include everyday features such as social and financial dynamics that immerse the player so much into the world, the real world and game world seem to be the same.  These online worlds have become so complex that, as quoted from the article, "Players no longer play within the virtual world, but have becomes residents within them.  Users are willing to play a monthly fee in order to play these games.  As I can speek from experience, these games give you a strong social sense to your life, giving users the opportunity to create an experience of teamwork.  The evolution from the past games which could only house a few players at a time to a world where the game never stops.  When you log out, the world continues to happen without you.  The more real these online worlds become, the more users are sucked into it.  I, myself, would like to see the future of MMO's and what there true potential can become.

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