Monday, April 2, 2012

Scared of Deception

Dear Ellison et al,

In your article, "Managing Impressions Online," you talk about how people very often and to huge lengths go to make up an identity from who they truly are online to fit something that they they believe is more socially acceptable or acceptable to others in their eyes. The most concerning issue with this that most people find scary is the fact that through this interaction online with people there is a likelihood of a real, intimate relationship to be formed. The chances of forming relationships online is so high because of the paradise feel to the internet and this serves as a breeding ground for relationships to begin and like most relationships we put our hearts, souls, and trust into each other. But then to consider that you could be possibly mislead easily is a thing we are all scared of. So that makes us hesitate a little interacting online occasionally.

Nancy Baym also sees the in the same light saying that the internet has provided the ability for people to from relationships online in an enhanced space but there lies a million and one issues with it. Since we can't see the person, we ask will they lie about who they are. Can they be trusted? Or can they be known? The problem with this question among many others that there are regarding online interact, we can never know until we actually experience it. People can create, manipulate, and manage any image they want online. Even with a site like Facebook that "requires" you to use your real name, people can still put in a fake name and be who they want. Although by having this Facebook can appear to be a little safer to their users. At the end of the day, people need to be careful online because people are so concerned with making an impression that they are not who they say they are ever and has led to the internet being filled with deception.

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