Monday, April 9, 2012

Virtual Worker.

Dear Linden Labs,

Your article "How Meeting in Second Life Transformed IBM's Technology Elite Into Virtual World Believers" was an interesting read and I agree with you on multiple points. Working and functioning in a virtual world is an acquired skill and many different companies are beginning to integrate a digital portion into their business. Meeting in an online virtual environment is great, it's convenient. Digital world meetings allow members of teams, businesses, and corporations to be in completely different locations and still have a functional meeting of the minds. Personally, I have studied virtual workers and how companies function in a digital environment. Your article further addresses the one concern of digital meetings, static. By that I mean schedule conflicts, time barriers, or something even as simple as a weak WiFi connection can hinder a virtual meeting from playing out smoothly.

Virtual meeting have their positive and negative aspects just like face to face meetings but performing a virtual meeting is less personable. There is no physical interaction and there is a lack of body language. When engaging in business it is important that an individual has the ability to communicate effectively with others and understand how people react to different situations and scenarios. In comparison, Edward Castranova's article displayed a bunch of different charts and figures which promoted the positives and negatives of conducting virtual business. Virtual work can save businesses a great deal of money through travel cost among other things. But at the cost of travel we are sacrificing inter-personality.

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