Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Ms. Turkle,
After reading your article I think it helped to confirm my stance on technology and how we use it in society today. The first line of your article really jumped out at me as it said "technology proposes itself as the architect of our intimacies". Technology seems to package itself as something we "need" and "can't live without" making us use it more, when we actually don't need it at all. Technology kind of presents itself as the best friend we never had, but the question that comes to my mind is "why can't we be our own best friend?" You said something else in your article that stood out to me. In the first sentence of the second paragraph you said "technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities". This quote really stands out to me because it seems as though technology is this product that was produced specifically to target this "void" that we feel as though we need to fulfill. 

These devices are created and manufactured to be what we need, and to be our friends, yet "Indeed, among the most talked about robotic designs are in the area of care and companionship". I think what amazes me the most about technology is the fact that we're told we're not happy, given something that supposedly will make us happy, use what is supposed to make us happy, yet we're still not happy or fully satisfied. What amazes me even more is that "we" still haven't figured out that our "best friend" isn't a friend at all, and is barely there. 

Ayesha Go. 

The last couple of sentences in your article summed up your main argument perfectly. You stated "our new objects don't so much 'fool us' into thinking they are communicating with us; robotics have learned those few triggers that help us fool ourselves. We don't need much. We are ready to enter the romance".  The robots have out smarted us by planting an idea in our heads that makes us think it was our idea, when in all actuality it isn't. It's inception with technology as the puppet master and us as the puppets. Ms.Turke you, myself and some others have figured this out, I'm just not sure when everyone else will. 

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