Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everyone can play online

Online Gaming

I feel that online gaming has become a huge part of people's daily lives. There are so many games on devices such as iphones and andrioids that people are constantly playing them throughout the day. Dimitri Williams talks about why people use certain games and what they get out of them. Williams acknowledges that "Player behaviors and group behaviors varied due to game goals, personal preferences, and player awareness” (Williams, 2006). There are different games that give certain people gratifications and satisfactions depending on what they are looking to get out of the game. For example, Words with Friends is a game that is widely popular. People may play this game because it is brain stimulating (Scrabble like), and they have the ability to play at any time. So, for someone who is not willing to play out a full game in one sitting, this game is ideal for them.

Jason Tanz discusses how unique games can become very popular among gamers. In particular he mentions a game called “Cattle Call” created by Bogost. Bogost’s theory is that “by immersing players in a foreign experience, games can help them understand the challenges and choices others face” (Tanz, 2011). This is an interesting concept, in that people may use online games to participate in something they may never do in real life.

 Overall, I believe that online gaming is so popular because it is not only fun but can provide people with certain gratifications. There is a game for everyone and it is possible to find many that you like. Gaming has become a big part of some user’s lives, while it can also be a small part of a game user’s life. With so many options of games online, it seems that almost everyone is playing at least one.

Chelsey Berger

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