Monday, April 9, 2012

Working In Virtual Worlds

Dear Edward Castronova,

After reading your Synthetic Worlds article and Linden Lab's case study about IBM, I have to say I am much more likely to see things your way when it comes to business being conducted in virtual worlds like Second Life. The fact that Linden Lab owns Second Life already makes its argument seem a little biased.

I see that Linden Lab wants to throw out impressive numbers like an ROI of $320,000 from the Virtual World Conference and how it was only 20% of the cost of a real-life event, but virtual world business dealing take away the most important skill set that any professional can have - interpersonal skills. It is generally accepted that while your education and work experience will get you hired, your advancement to management comes largely from how you are with people. Companies place way too much importance on people-to-people skills to leave things like negotiations and sales to the virtual worlds. I don't care how far technology takes us, a silver-tongued salesman sitting in front of the purchasing manager can never be replaced by an avatar on Second Life.

Kindest Regards,
Joe Guagenti

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