Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Benefits of Online Gaming

Dear Jason Tanz,

I absolutely enjoyed your article on online gaming. It talked about all the things that I thought where beneficial about online gaming or just gaming itself for that matter and people need to recognize them. People believe that people that spend hours playing video games are just plain crazy and so do I but that is only because they have no life and they are straight addicted like it is crack cocaine. But they silver lining about gaming, is that it has so many educational points that can be easily taught through the use of gaming. Things like strategy, critical thinking, thinking on your feet, or even something are simple as the importance of teamwork. These are all things that gaming has taught me and they are just few or the many that have. Online gaming especially can have benefits socially. They can on a higher level express the importance of team work and mostly teach people how to interact with people through a common interest much like your average Facebook or Twitter user. For the record, anyone that thinks people that play video games are weird and just are wasting time? Look in the mirror you waste time doing something that you can use some bs justifications for.

I will however say that the addiction of online gaming is a serious and real thing. I don't know who people get addicted the way they do but hey I don't understand why a lot of people get addicted to the things that they do get addicted to. However, I think there is much compensation for online gaming. I think the number one thing clearly is entertainment. That is important in any walk of life. Some of the others are instant gratification and a stress reliever. You can call me crazy if you want. I think gaming and online gaming is good for people. I do it, many people do it, and many should do it. Its not a terrible thing people it over yourselves.

Amir Zaffa

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  1. I enjoyed reading what you have said about online gaming. This article totally changed my view point about gaming. I was assuming that they are not at all good and harm us in many ways. But now I have understood how beneficial gaming is for us.
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