Thursday, April 26, 2012

Domination of the Internet

Dear Gleick and Boyd,

It is obvious that Google has dominated the World, let alone the Internet.  It is impossible to not want to Google something we need the answer too.  Not only is it a place where we can get our questions answered, we now have a place where we can send emails, watch videos (YouTube), create presentations and PowerPoint through GoogleDocs, and so much more.  They have expanded into so many other different arenas that make obtaining information so much easier.  Because it has become such a big part of the Internet, the question for my generation and younger ones is “how did we get information before Google?”  Though it seems like a silly question, it is valid for the ones that have been raised on Google.  It’s hard to imagine our world without it. 

            In Boyd’s article, the idea that people’s account and domain’s name has an identity is interesting.  People create an image around their name and are sometimes solely known for their name and not even their real first name.  Though it may seem crazy, you can’t blame the follower and friends of these people who are unaware of their real names and only know them by @namehere.  It is all about identity and people what to have the perfect name for their online identity. 

Kelly Myers

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