Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 10

Dear Cain, Shirky, & Keen,
            In past classes, I have had to work online in virtual teams with groups. When it comes to these groupthinks, I think it’s important that every person in the group gets their own task to be responsible for. They should have the freedom and privacy to dive into that task to accomplish it by themselves. By making everyone work on the same problem, you diminish individuality and propel intellectual laziness. Given this responsibility, team members will work harder to make sure that it is done correctly. Of course, once the work is done everyone else on the team needs to be filled in on what happened so that everyone is on the same page. I think it is important to bounce ideas off of each other. This way, more creative minds get to wrap their head around the idea.
            I agree with you Shirky in that we are more concerned with the quantity of information, not quality.  I know sometimes when I am researching something, I will quickly scroll through and if it seems like a lot, I feel it will be helpful and save it for later. The information may be entirely wrong but this immediacy of information makes it seem true, as Keen talks about.
            The success of working in groups online all depends on the environment created. There has to be constant communication as to who is doing what, as well as a common agreement as to what is an acceptable source of information to draw from.

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