Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 13

Dear Jason Tanz,
I enjoyed reading your article on online gaming.  Even though I don’t consider myself someone who would ever play games it was interesting to see all the points about gaming being beneficial that I have never thought of before.  Although I feel like gaming is just a waste of my time because I cant stand it or the people that sit in front of screens for hours because they have no social life and that’s their only form of interaction, I do see what you pointed out as the benefits.  Those educational reasons are learned by people in social settings with others that include and skills such as teamwork, strategy and quick critical thinking.  However, you can argue the same things with gambling but it doesn’t justify it.  With that being said, I still feel that gaming is a waste of time and a serious problem for some people, if it wasn’t a serious problem, then Gamers Anonymous wouldn’t have been invented. 
-Gabby Theroux

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