Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 13 - Online Play

Dear Jason Tanz,

I enjoyed reading your article about how cheeky satires can become big video game hits. Games like FarmVille are taking over the world due to its ease of accessibility, addictive play, and social media push by Facebook. The interesting thing about FarmVille is how simple the game really is but how many people continue to play it. It represents one of these perpetually changing online worlds where there is never an "end" and you can simply keep playing, which keeps people on it for longer and longer times.

Aside from the addictive playstyle of FarmVille and other games like it, these games are great profit makers because of their microtransaction system of payment. You can buy little in game things for $1 or $5 and nobody really thinks that this is a whole lot of money to spend on a game. However, these numbers add up over time without anyone realizing it, which makes it a great way for these types of games to make money.

Overall, I enjoyed the article about these cheeky satire games. I've personally found myself playing games like FarmVille before too, so I'm no stranger to its addictive power.

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