Thursday, April 26, 2012

How much does the internet know about me?

Dear Mr Gleick & Ms. Boyd,

Mr. Gleick, after reading your article" How Google Dominates," it was interesting for you to highlight exactly how easily our personal information is being shared throughout the web. I think personally think there are a lot of reasons. Number one is clearly the use of social media and our carelessness to read the terms of uses when using a social media site or anything for that matter. One of the other reasons, is our desire to want things connected to one device. For instance, having literally everything connected to our phones or everything linked to one email. With us wanting things this way, our information is easily found out and quickly analyzed. The funny part is that one day, I believe, the internet will know more about us than we actually do ourselves. I know I see it every day. Whenever I use my browser, they find something new about me every day. It's actually kind of spooky.

Ms. Boyd, your article continues to talk about the same topic and dives into even more. You talk about how pretty much anyone can view our personal identity online. With you bringing up this point, it made me think about how we should do more to protect exactly how much information about ourselves that we put out there. We put so much information about ourselves out there that we don't filter it at all. Sometimes I think maybe we should limit our use of some social media platforms and not feel the need to use every social media platform that we possibly can. Those along with using the privacy settings that are available to us that also can help limit all this.

Amir Zaffa

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