Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 14 - Branding

Dear James Gleick,

I completely agree with your article on how Google dominates everyday life. Google is used for so many things, more than just simply a search engine (although it's the only search engine I really ever hear of being used). Google has branded itself across the internet as a conglomerate of everything to do with the internet. From search engines to social media to blogs, Google is virtually everywhere online, and is the best example of branding in the past decade.

This branding relates to Boyd's article about complex online identities. This article deals mainly with managing online identities on social media platforms, and Google+ is another example of how Google brands itself on another platform. I personally don't use Google+, I only use Facebook, but Facebook is another example of how self branding works on the internet. There's a reason Google is dominating everyday life, and it goes along with Boyd's discussions about trademark and personal reputations in a virtual space. When something as powerful as Google is able to infuse itself in everyday life, its no wonder people say its "taking over the world."

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