Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Online Dating

Dear Ellison, Heino, and Gibbs,

The world of online dating can be very exciting yet deceitful as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed your article about managing impressions online and how people are able to let their positive self show through in order to gain more positive attention.  I personally think that honesty is the key in finding a true romantic partner.  If everyone shows an extended side of themselves, then they have this perfect lifestyle that they have to keep up.  However, I also understand that people do not set out to be deceiving; it is only natural to want to put your best foot forward in order to gain a more positive response from others, especially in an online community where there is a lot of competition.
Baym also discusses deception in her chapter as well.  She talks about how individuals lie about their age because they do not want to be judged by a number.  I also believe that this type of lie will not be able to last because it is a factual lie, and if caught people will wonder what other facts about you are inaccurate.

Both readings share a theme: honesty is the best policy.  I believe that if everyone shares accurate representations of themselves, they would be able to get the same representation back, and they can find a better romantic partner this way.  When you are deceiving others online, you are essentially starting off a relationship with a lie and that can be frowned upon in the online dating world..

Connie Zhen

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