Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meetings in SL & Beyond

Dear Linden Lab,

I think IBM's use of Second Life is quite interesting. It's not often that you hear business use Second Life for business meetings especially since it is new to me. The great thing I like about the use of Second Life for business meetings is that it is a great way to involve all employees. You can offer it to whomever wishes to come or even just people that you need to come. In either case, it is a great idea. Much like platforms like Google Docs/Hangouts, Skype, Oovoo, Facebook Groups, or anything else like such, it enables people to have meetings when they are not physically able. The other great thing is that it can dramatically cut traveling costs. So if you want it can be a permanent thing.

Second Life is often just looked at as a place where people just do weird things and a lot of sexual acts. IBM's use shows that it can be very useful in ways that many people wouldn't think of beyond just having meetings. Second Life can be of great use for a construction or architecture company. They can build things in Second Life first to see how they will pan before you actually build them in real life. That is just one example but as you can see it is something that many businesses and companies can use even if it is something as simple as a test. The thing that Second Life provides that none of the top social media sites offer is the fact that it provides a physical aspect to a virtual world. That is something that Facebook, Twitter, etc can't match.


Amir Zaffa

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