Monday, April 16, 2012

Gaming Online

Dear Jason Tanz,

Growing up I was never too much a fan of computer or video games.  There were a few that I played here and there with my cousins (Mario Kart was my favorite), but it was overall something that I could never fully get into.  There are people who spend hours of their day playing games all to try to make it to the next level.  Even though I am not generally a fan of these games, I do find myself playing some such as the Sims and any iPhone game that is hot at the moment.  However, I was never into the fad games on Facebook.  Never did I experience playing FarmVille or any of the more popular games on the site.  Therefore, I could never understand why people became so addicted to these games.  Something I also do not understand is the Cow Clicker game.  How did something so basic become so popular?  It is interesting to see how a simple game can be created to be an anti-zynga game.  I believe people love the connected aspect of it where they can play with their friends, and announce it to everyone else what they are playing and what their scores are.  It's all about creating a community surrounding the game.  William's article also mentions how the size of the group has an affect on the relationship of the gamers leading to the success of the game.  Gaming is something that people take very seriously despite how simple or difficult the game is and unfortunately, this may be something I may never understand.

Kelly Myers

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