Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 8

Dear Boyd,
            In this age of technology where social media has taken a dominant role in our lives, we all have become watchers and the watched among each other. This advent of websites like these has taken the activity of people watching to a whole new level. Terms like “creep” and “stalk” have grown popular because with displays of information available to us about different people, we are able to search back for something we want to know about. At the same time, we get up-to-date information on what that said person is doing. In recent years, pictures now include a specific location tag satisfying our desires to know what is going on in someone’s life. Even with privacy settings set to the max nothing is really hidden as if someone wants to see it, they will go to the lengths to do so. Like you say, people feel as if they are safer to say what they feel on social networks because there’s a sort of distance.  They can keep those thoughts hidden from certain people, but there will be those watching and judging.
            The only way to stay out of this web of watching is simply do not join a social networking site. I am not saying there are no benefits from joining one, but it really opens yourself up to an audience of millions. You may think your audience is limited to just your friends list but once someone grabs a hold of your name, you are being watched. 

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