Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Ms. Rosenbloom,
In your article "For the Plugged-In, Too Many Choices," I couldn't agree more with your position on social media and its affect on people. I myself am one of those people who doesn't partake in online activity as described in your article, however I have witnessed these acts first hand. I do agree with you when you stated that "social networking is now the most popular online activity, ahead of sending e-mails, searching the Internet and playing games". It seems as though people are so busy telling everyone about their lives and informing them of what they are doing, that they aren't actually going out and enjoying life. 

I did like how you added positive aspects to the idea of working/dealing with largely dealing with technology. I can understand what Mr.Kaufman said in your article stating that he can say hi to someone that is far away, however the "water cooler effect" couldn't possibly be effective on an online community. The purpose and premise of the "water cooler effect" is to provide a leisure, informal experience in a formal setting. The "water cooler effect" provides a stressless, lax feeling after dealing with long, hard days at work. You can't have that if you're already in an informal, stressless setting. 

It seems as though society is trying to put their life online and then say that they're showing everyone how they are living life, when they're not living at all (I hope that made sense). Things seem to be more complicated then they have to. Opposed to posting, tweeting and showing people that you're living life why not go out and live and let them it is on their own? 

Ayesha Go. 

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