Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dear Ms Richmond and Mr. Bilton,

Your article in the New York Times about hackers was enlightening and educating. I did not know about these hacker groups or that we were at such high risk for hacking to occur. It is scary that there are people in the world who want to get together and attack websites. In recent months during the whole SOPA thing occurred hackers shut down the CIA website. When this happened I was in shock. Even though some hackers are hacking for what they think is a good reason, it is still very scary knowing that people are capable of doing such a outrageous thing to make a statement. Not only that but it causes more problems in the long run then it is worth. The even scarier part is that now they are forming groups to commit these acts which makes them much more powerful then if they were acting alone.

I have an iphone 4 and I jail broke my phone. In a way I have to admit that is giving into the hackers and like I said, some hackers hack for what they think is a good reason. I am not going to get into if jai breaking is good or not but this is just an example of what hackers do. In your article you wrote, “On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security plans to introduce a system to help institutions eliminate common programming errors that allow hackers to easily infiltrate databases and steal user names and passwords.” I feel like even with this program hackers will find a way to get around it. Going back to my iphone example, apple makes frequent updates to their software to avoid the hackers from getting to nifty with the jailbreaks and so that they will have to keep working to create a new one each time in hopes that they will someday just give up. But hackers never give up and that is was scares me about this situation. Even if they are trying to eliminate the LulzSec group hackers will move along and make another. You stated, “The official said that even though it was possible that LulzSec had disbanded, hackers tended to operate in a world of shifting alliances and it would be easy for a new group copying LulzSec’s techniques to appear in the future.” And I completely agree with you.

Deanna Dimino


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