Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self Representation through online dating

Dear Ms.Ellison,

I enjoyed reading your article because it did give me a little more insight to online dating and how people portray themselves through their online profiles, however I’m still not sure if I am totally convinced. When I say I’m not sure if I’m totally convinced I don’t mean with the mechanics and reasoning behind online sites (I don’t understand why people can’t go and meet people the old fashion way) I mean with how they represent themselves through this sites. In a previous class that I had I know that dating websites have a long line of criteria for people to fulfill before actually being set up with a match; I know that there is a long application filled with questions that one must answer. The long application, in my opinion, does help ensure that people will find a closer match to what they are looking for and it reduces the size of potential candidates by showing you more compatible matches. Sounds like a plus right? But what happens when the person on the other side of the screen is portraying themselves as someone else? I haven’t heard any reports of this happening, but when dealing with the Internet, which is virtual realm where anything goes, you have to take into consideration that people can represent themselves however they want to be represented and seen to the world. A person can basically pretend to be whoever they want to be viewed as; however when being face-to-face with a person the potential for someone to change themselves and portray themselves different is less of a risk. I’m not saying that people in “real life” don’t lie, but what I am saying is that their representation in the real world is less likely to be a huge, drastic change compared to that that can happen on the Internet.

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