Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Online Dating

Dear Ellison, Heino, and Gibbs,

Online dating is an interesting topic that a lot of people can relate to.  Though it is not common among college student, the internet and social media networks does major part in relationships at this age, so essentially there is a relation.  It can be used as a gateway to get to know people even though you may frequently see them in person.  Other uses of media such as cell phones also can be used as a comfort zone when talking to someone you do not know very well (Chapter 6).  Almost all of us have some experience with this and know exactly what I am talking about.  However, online dating sites have become more popular over the year and it is almost impossible to watch a television show without view a commercial promoting an online dating site.  You ladies bring up some interesting points about online dating that are typically overlooked and are done subconsciously.  People are always trying to portray the best version of themselves when trying to appeal to possible dates.  Most people know what they are looking for when looking at other's profiles, so they put themselves in their audiences shoes and attempt to view themselves from an outside view.  As a result, they pay attention to small cues such as spelling while at the same time trying to be as credible as possible.  Online dating can also be questionable because there is always the question "is this person appearing to be who he/she really is?"  Honesty as mentioned in chapter 5 is very important and most people tend to be more honest online than off.  Usually people find themselves lying for safety or to simply improve their image.  But being honest is the key to leading an authentic relationship.

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