Sunday, January 29, 2012

What defines communication?

Dear Baym,
I actually quite liked your perspective on the effects of the Internet on communication.  I have taken a four digital communication classes, so I've read a lot on this subject, however you're reading is the first one I actually would consider to be my own opinion.  Most authors focus on the positive or negative, but you stand back and just make commentary on how we as a generation use these networks.  I love how in the beginning of the article you brought up of the issue of what it really means to be “there”.  I hate when I’m in a room full of people and they are all on their phones instead of talking to one another.  They are physically present but mentally checked out.  Yet there are times where I feel very connected to online community, I’m not physically there but I feel present in the community.  I think there is a right place and time to be emerged in either world.  It’s important to not lose connections to the real world just to connect to the online world.  I want to call it ‘fake’, but you’re right its just as real.

I also found it interesting how you talked about the difference between a/synchronous communication.  I never thought about how there has to be a limit on how many people are participating in synchronous communication.  I also realized how although synchronous communication gives an immediate response in real time, sometimes asynchronous is more tactful.  When I need to talk to someone about a serious issue, I prefer to write an email so I have time to really think about what I want to say and edit it. Over all I think this article was on point with digital communication. 

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